Welcome to Bryar Co. Apparel!

Wholesale Application

We are excited that you are looking to carry our brand in your store!  We work hard to get back to everyone that applies as promptly as possible! If you haven't heard from us in two days, don't hesitate to just shoot us an email! We are all human and sometimes get caught up in other things! We will reply to your request via email asap and look forward to hopefully work with you!

  • We prefer to be in store fronts as we are trying to get the brand established.
    • If you don't have a store front and still would like to be considered, please don't be afraid to submit an application anyway!
  • You must order every 3 months to maintain a wholesale account.
    • We do prefer that you order new styles and stay up with us, but if something that is older works for you than we won't complain!
  • $700 opening order - $250 orders to maintain wholesale account after.
  • We do require you to get ten pieces per style, but allow you to choose the sizes you want!
    • This goes for short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodies, and shorts.
  • Hats have to be ordered in packs of 6 and decals come in packs of 10.
    • We will ship everything out within 48 hours as long as it is on hand. You can request that we hold everything so it all ships at once or we can ship as items come in stock. (We will need you to note that in the initial order)
    • We do offer preordering on new items that will be coming in so you can be the first one to get them in your store. This will be done strictly through email and you will get updates to do so.

    Thank you so much and we look forward to working with each and everyone of you!

    Bryar Co. Family
    (864) 502-0119